The most awesome place to be, the only true safe place to be is that where you are in a position where trusting and depending on your relationship with God is a must.


You only learn the faithfulness of God when you are in a position where that trust and that dependency is tested.


Give God the opportunity to be your Father. Go to God first.


Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. However, you must have a revelation of what it looks like to draw near to God.


God is not going to just do everything for you. A good parent teaches their child by giving them room to grow, opportunities to fail while positioning them ultimately to succeed.


God can only build trust when we give Him an opportunity to prove His faithfulness.


Anything in the world come secondary to your relationship with God. Your relationship with God as your Father is the only avenue to absolute success.


Develop your relationship with Father and that will develop relationships with others. Don’t allow relationships with others to supersede your relationship with God.


Being in need, even to the point of being desperate is an awesome thing when you realize that God will never fail you. The only way the relationship can fail is if you make the decision not to trust and you are deceived to put other things before God.


Above all else you do, daily press in to increase your dependency and your relationship on God as your Father.


The love of God is completely transforming. The reason you are not transformed is because you have not allowed God to love you completely.


Set your baggage aside and allow God to love you as a true son/daughter, not based on who you are or your achievements through your eyes, but through the eyes of a God who created you in his image and likeness, through the eyes of God who created you for relationship.