We are strong people – men and women of God, sons and daughters of God.



The enemy works through deception. The enemy must find ways to deceive us in order to harm us, in order to make us ineffective, in order to steal, kill, and destroy. (John 10:10) The enemy drives people to make bad decisions his plan is for you to follow your emotions by creating desires, capturing your attention, for things considered “fun”.  This enslaves you thus, dictating your actions opening sinkholes in your life. A son and daughter of God is not to be enslaved. (Galatians 4:7)


Don’t allow your affections for anything to rise above your affection for God.


You can’t serve the world and then expect to receive the blessing from the kingdom of God.


You are a spirit. You must continually develop your spirit. You are blessed to be able to be filled with Holy Spirit. Your spirit, filled with Holy Spirit, is what is needed to support your life to be able to live in peace, joy, and contentment.


A sinkhole develops when there is a lack of support under the surface, when a hole develops under the surface which then causes the surface to cave in.


We are not destroyed by our circumstances; we are destroyed by allowing our circumstances to be exalted above the revelation of who we are in Christ Jesus.


We were created to rule and reign by being engrafted – becoming one with, Christ Jesus. When the spirit is weak, problems from the world become too heavy and the surface caves in.


The outside, the world, isn’t to come inside, the inside of you is to come outside. “Out of your bellies will flow rivers of living water.” (John 7:38) “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” (Luke 6:45)


Stop the intrusion of garbage into your mind and into your heart. For too many people, their heart and mind has become a garbage can.


People use sticky fly paper and glue pads to catch insects and rodents.


The enemy attempts to lure us into sticky situations that entrap us – so we become stuck. When people become stuck, they are weakened, and then they face destruction.


The enemy intentionally and specifically orchestrates a situation to trap you. Don’t be deceived to think things are just a coincidence or a random occurrence. The demonic realm works very specifically to offer you that which has the potential to trap you.


Some people the enemy can destroy simply through their lack of knowledge. However, the more people become educated and transformed by the word of God, the enemy must present traps that are constructed by deception.


Skandalon – a stumbling block, a behavior or attitude that leads to sin.  The enemy lays out enticement for you to engage in conduct that will eventually bring about your ruin.


Satan entices people to become offended, bitter, and so preoccupied that they failed to see the trap which the enemy is setting up for them.


For so many people, they can no longer change their circumstances because they have already been changed by their circumstances. God wants you to use the wisdom of His truth and this will empower you to change circumstances


The world deceives you to try to empty yourself. Holy Spirit teaches us to fill ourselves with the Spirit of God.


People get offended when it appears that God is not making things go the way a person thinks they should go. When you stop trusting God, you begin to open the door for the trap of the enemy.


People are deceived to believe that the lack of one thing in the natural realm can cause a person to live a life void of being happy. People allow themselves to fall in love with someone or something that is not good for them. They are deceived to believe they can’t live without that person or without that thing.  Don’t allow any issue to become your identity.


People get so hung up on themselves that they quit trusting God.   Focus on your destination, and don’t conclude that it can only happen a certain way.   Instead lean to trust God.  For a man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.  (Proverbs 25:28) 


Don’t live by devil inspired feelings:

  • When we are in bitterness, we are overwhelmed by pain.
  • Many people tried to use medication, alcohol to get rid of their pain
  • Many people try to overcompensate, to work very hard at things to get rid of the pain, idolizing their work.
  • Many people continually meditate on what is causing the pain.
  • Fear and loneliness.


You need to follow Jesus. 


John 8:32 The truth will set you free.