– Karen D.


Several years ago, while attending a musical event at Italian Lake in Harrisburg PA, 2 women asked if they could pray for me. Within weeks my life changed I was pain free!


The back story.


After a visit with my Orthopedic Doctor, I discovered the pain in my knees was caused by 4th degree arthritis. It does not get any worse.  I was to return to see him in a few weeks to discuss options of knee replacements.  The right knee was more deteriorated and having a large Bakers cyst behind the knee the size of a hot dog made the pain almost unbearable.   I was only in my 50’s.


Stage 4 is considered severe. The bones space between bones can be worn where bone rubs on bone causing friction, pain, and inflammation.  The cartilage is almost nonexistent and with that the synovial fluid is decreased.


It had gotten to the point that at the Bless Israel Event at Italian Lake. I was pulling my self up a set of stairs to the parking lot with tears in my eyes. 2 women behind me noticed my struggle and asked if I would like for them to pray for me. I only mentioned the right knee because it was far more painful and 4-5 inches larger than the left.


Amazingly over the period of 3 weeks the pain was gone.   I went for the follow up appointment with the Dr. I was excited by the fact that if he did surgery in front of a room of observers, they could see a knee completely healed!  He examined my knee that smiled at me and said I can not do surgery if you have no pain! He added you had better get the other knee prayed for as well.


I felt so blessed not to have surgery and continued to struggle with my L knee that was progressively deteriorating. In fact, I had to use a cane to walk, could barely get in and out of a car and even started to use crutches when weightbearing was too painful.


I then requested prayer for my R knee from my Bible study group.    Steadily all the pain in my R knee also left.  I was pain FREE.


That was about 10 years ago when I was first looking at surgery. To this day I give praise and thanks to my Heavenly Father!