Seeking Peace and Joy is a website and a community committed to helping you obtain or recapture the quality of your life.


So many people in the world are facing fears, anxieties, and addictions that have become debilitating. So many people are being held hostage to mental torment that has robbed the effectiveness of their lives. People are embedded in fear, depression, disappointment, and anxiety.


People are in desperate need of freedom. At seeking peace and joy, we are committed to offering pathways to bring about that freedom.


We are committed to offer hope to those who have lost all hope, to encourage those who are struggling, and to offer solutions for those who need answers.


Seeking peace and joy will offer insights and help through Christian principles. First and foremost, we are committed to unraveling confusion about God by providing biblical truths.


If you are facing confusion about the nature of God, we want to offer answers that will end that confusion. If you have never been in a place to receive the truth about God, then we commit to being that place that you need. If in the past you have lived a life that was void of any commitment or any trust in God, we want to offer insights and testimonies that will better position you to want to truly know God.


If you are feeling lost, if you need direction, if you have nowhere to turn:


Welcome, Home!