Most sons and daughters of God, most spiritual warriors are too smart to put themselves in direct harmful contact with the demonic realm, but sometimes people are not aware of what is happening.


Sometimes things look very simple and very innocent, and people welcome those things into their lives, but they do not realize that by inviting those things in, they are inviting demonic opposition in.


That’s what happened with the story of the Trojan horse.


The people of Troy brought the Trojan horse inside their city walls of protection without realizing that the enemy were hiding inside waiting for the opportune time to attack.


The demonic realm often will attempt to enter in through familiar forms. The demonic realm will attempt to look like a lamb even though it has the intentions of a wolf, will attempt to look like light even though it is darkness.


  • The offer of the married man to go hiking with the single woman.
  • The rehabbed addict inviting his old “buddies” over.
  • Thoughts that this God stuff will never help with your anxiety why waste your time.
  • Doing things because your friends are…. not because it is correct.


People do not know this, but the demonic realm gains access to people when they entertain harmful negative thoughts and engage in harmful negative conversation. When you welcome such feelings and thoughts, you might be inviting in, the Trojan horse.


Remember negative thoughts are not of God.

If you’re not constantly being fed by the word of God, constantly walking in power and authority, constantly meditating on the word of God – things can come in fast and you don’t even realize that. Too often you are driven by negative decisions because of negative feelings. Demonic thoughts will drive you to be indifferent to the things of God and will drive you to be conformed to this world.


Any little thing will keep people from reading teachings like these where they can be fed. Instead they choose to listen to tunes with sordid lyrics or watch TV with unnatural family relationships.  Just to be entertained by something in the world that caters to their flesh.


The enemy comes in the form of a feeling or urge, and people don’t perceive that it is a Trojan horse.


You must press past your feelings to do what you know is right. Use your thoughts to change your feelings, don’t allow your feelings to control your thoughts. Feelings are stronger than logic that is how you become deceived.


Don’t entertain thoughts that do not line up with the word of God. Demonic thoughts get you to entertain thoughts that oppose the knowledge of the ways of God.


You empower thoughts when you continue to entertain them or speak them out loud. Then eventually they will drive your emotions to determine your desires and force a harmful decision.


Because we have needs, dreams, and purpose, the enemy always has an open door because the flesh is always looking for a shortcut. The flesh wants to play now and pay later. The flesh can’t wait, the flesh hates limits and restrictions.


“Ship it overnight. I don’t care what it costs.”

“It’s just a few pills it won’t hurt anyone.”

“I will never see him again it’s only one night.”


The flesh doesn’t wait for a sale, the flesh doesn’t clip coupons. The flesh never calculates the true cost. The flesh is driven by strong desires and fear because it is void of truth so the devil can always control the flesh.



Even if you are born again, the demonic realm will not stop wagering warfare. The demonic realm attempts to create a stronghold, an evil mindset.   Desires for things that will destroy you. Racing thoughts of fear and terror so hope is buried in your despair.


If you truly want to change the way you behave, you must change the way you think. It comes down to your ability to believe.


Mark 9:23  Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”    OR And Jesus said, [You say to Me], If You can do anything? [Why,] all things can be (are possible) to him who believes!


This puts the responsibility of what happens on the earth right back into our lap. People love to avoid responsibility; people love to blame God for everything that happens.


You must make up your mind before you are forced and pressured to make rash decisions.  Start with knowing the truth.

Jesus sets us straight. For the person who is able to believe, all things are possible to that person.

Make your decision to follow Christ today and every day.