Jesus came that you could have abundant life.  Abundant life is being born again.



A lot of people say they believe in God. I would say that a lot of people acknowledge God. Acknowledging God is having an opinion that there is a God. Believing in God takes the acknowledgment of God to a life-giving transformation.


Just to acknowledge God will not change your life, even the demons acknowledge God. There is only a change when acknowledging God takes you to a relationship with God, where believing in God introduces you to authentic life.


A lot of people have good intentions, but that’s not going to cut it. A lot of people have good intentions but lack any commitment to what they say they believe, they only acknowledge.  If you truly believed, then what you believed in would cause a transformation.


Faith in God is not just acknowledging God, faith in God is believing in God to the point where what you say you believe is seen by how you do life.


Faith in God opens a door for trust.


Acknowledging is only the beginning. When you turn to the Lord, the veil is lifted. What is a veil – it’s anything that hinders your ability to know God to the point where trust is established, where relationship is developed, to where a new life begins?


God is my Father. Believing in Father is an invitation to go from merely existing to entering into true, authentic life – abundant life.


Jesus came to the earth to reveal Father. Jesus came to earth to reveal Truth. Jesus came to the earth to offer true authentic life. To receive authentic life is not going to occur without faith taking you to trust to taking you to a relationship.


You see, you have to die to merely existing. You must remove that as being an option. You are done existing. You are done with this temporal, deceptive, substitution for authentic life.


As far as this world is concerned, you have died and your new real-life is found in Christ Jesus. You become one with Christ Jesus. To receive life, true life, you have to let go of the old nature. That is going to take commitment. You must be committed to the authentic to be willing to let go counterfeit.


For so many people, believing is God is like adding a little addition onto their house. They have the main house where most all the main activities take place, and then once a week, we open the door to step into this little addition that is connected to the house so that we can play church. Sorry, that’s not going to cut it.


The house I am referring to is the life that you live while you’re on this earth.


There are two ways to spend your life on this earth. You can live out authentic life, true abundant life or you can choose to merely exist.


To merely exist is to walk out a deception. When people maintain this deceptive substitute for life, God is endured instead of embraced.


People attempt to maintain their mere existence and then try to fit God in, in order to attempt to appease Him or in order to “do what is right.”


Mere existence is like a house built upon a sinkhole. The house is slowly sinking. It’s sinking slowly enough where people are aware that something is wrong, but don’t fully grasp what is happening.


There is a continual awareness that something is wrong, something is missing. Unfortunately, the truth is not exposed. The attempt to fix the problem will be a lifelong struggle. People are merely existing, and God only serves as a footnote, as a side issue instead of the answer that they so desperately need.



Matthew 7:24 – 29 So everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts upon them [obeying them] will be like a sensible (prudent, practical, wise) man who built his house upon the rock.


As the house continues to slip away, more work is continually needed to be added to what is slipping away. There is never any progress and most certainly never a permanent solution. People are just spending their time holding on and attempting to maintain that which is constantly and continually slipping away.


Instead of continually pouring into a sinkhole, it’s time to relocate. To relocate from the residence that you are accustomed to is a big decision.


The house refers to your life, the sinkhole refers to the world. The life you live is not true life in Christ Jesus, it is merely existing on this earth.


The enemy causes people to be deceived to continue to maintain a house that is built upon a sinkhole instead of the commitment to move to another location.


Refuse to live in a house that is being gobbled up by a sinkhole. Refuse to allow people to live in deception by not living out truth that is found by living in Christ Jesus.