“When I came to Foundry I was wandering through the most difficult season of my life, completely broken and desperately in need of God’s healing touch.  From the very first meeting, I encountered the love of God and the power of God in a way that shook me to the core.  In the months and years that followed, I experienced a profound transformation in my life that can only be attributed to the genuine work of the Holy Spirit. I am forever thankful to the LORD for this man and this ministry which so clearly manifest the “glory to glory and strength to strength” that we are called to walk in as sons and daughters of the King.


This book reveals the journey of a man who walks in bold faith, demonstrating the power of God to bring the impossible into reality, while ministering the Truth of God’s word in integrity to both the unbeliever and the seasoned follower of Christ.


I saw the miraculous firsthand and developed a deeper intimacy with Christ and a bolder walk of faith than I had ever known before.”


– Shannon Flynn