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I had lost all hope and seriously questioned if I could be happy again. I feel I was called to write this book to share the victory I received through God’s amazing power and love. Join me in a life-changing journey of mental freedom and spiritual awareness.

– Brian Ludwig, Author


“I have sufferrd with mild to severe anxiety most of my life. After reading this book, I have learned new ways to quiet my mind and guide my thoughts into new patterns of thinking. We so quickly give up on trusting God, this book explains how to use His power to obtain freedom.”


– Jean Kelley, retired teacher, mother and worrier

“Brian, you have written a wonderful book—it has an important message that is well communicated, with clear steps on how to use your ideas. You’ve done a particularly good job of providing direct support from Scripture for your techniques and ideas — there are a huge number of passages that speak directly to the subject at hand, lending great weight to what you are saying. I also think that when a passage from Scripture does not directly address the ideas presented, you’ve done an excellent job of connecting the dots for the reader.”


– Jefferson, Primary Editor, First Editing

“I have no doubt that this book will change lives and light a path for people who are seeking our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Brian’s experiences and testimonies in this book will serve as a ministry to the lost.”


– Kristina Rineer

“This was a really interesting read and I am grateful for being chosen for this project. I have to say that I actually learned a lot from reading this book, and I have been thinking about some of your tips recently! You wrote in a straightforward and informal manner, which will help the reader connect with you. I felt that you used real-life examples and spoke in a way that was not overly academic in nature. is made the information easier to understand and apply to the reader’s daily life, step by step.”

– Max, Assistant Editor, First Editing